Video production

Highland Marketing offer video production and animation services to produce creative, informative and engaging videos.

Production planning

The first step in producing an effective video project is to plan out the scope of the project – the goal, platform, target audience, purpose, content, location and timing.

Story boarding

Creating a clear and engaging flow to your video is the key to ensuring your message is understood.


Here comes the fun part! Everything from casting and scriptwriting, to filming and editing. We aim to make this step run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We utilise leading industry software, equipment and practices.

Post production

This is where we apply the final polishing techniques to your video, including video grading, audio and pacing.


We produce high quality, high definition animations to match your brief and budget. Techniques available include whiteboard, fully animated 2D and 3D graphics, character animation, and infographics.

Video promotion

Once the final version is live, we can arrange campaigns to help utilise your content to the maximum.

World Health Day 2021

The past year has highlighted some of the inequalities, nationally and internationally, surrounding the health of different people and communities, and the ability to access suitable healthcare services. The World Health Organisation’s vision is to tackle this, and it is calling on leaders to ensure that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health. We, at Highland Marketing, along with our clients, support this vision and hope that this World Health Day, innovation and collaboration can help to build a fairer and healthier world.

Parsek showcases Vitaly cancer care platform

Parsek’s technology is designed to improve cancer care. Its care management system helps patients access consultations and treatment plans on a phone or tablet; while simplified collaboration between multi-disciplinary oncology teams speeds up diagnostics and decision-making. To highlight the benefits of Parsek’s solutions to prospective NHS customers, Highland Marketing’s video had to be filmed remotely, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Connexica & Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Connexica has a vision to make access to data easier and quicker for its customers in healthcare, finance and retail. The company worked with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to use its CXAIR data analytics platform and create a bespoke system to help the trust improve its procurement processes. The collaboration has proven to be successful and Leeds Hospitals is looking at how Connexica’s technology can be deployed on a wider scale, across its finance, resource planning, inventory and pharmacy departments.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust & Connexica

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has been working with data management and business insights company Connexica, to create a platform to improve the visibility of its procurement data. As the project has progressed, it has evolved into something more profound: a solution to enable the trust to manage waste, improve processes, deliver better clinical care and reduce costs. The successful collaboration has seen Leeds Hospitals named as a finalist in the Health Care Supply Association Awards 2020.

Lockdown Life

Our mascot Hamish the cow gives an insight of his life in lockdown in the Highlands! But he is looking for new ideas to keep busy, can you help him?

CMC Launch

As part of a series of marketing, PR awareness raising activities, Highland Marketing has created this video to launch myCMC, an NHS online urgent care plan that empowers patients to share vital information and preferences about their care with healthcare professionals.

Orion Health North of Scotland Care Portal launch day

Highland Marketing spent the day onsite at the launch of the NoS Care Portal interviewing key stakeholders about the benefits of the Orion Health technology. The team developed the storyboard, produced, filmed and post produced a highlights reel of the day with great results.

Sectra Morecambe Bay

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has seen many benefits from its deployment of a second generation Sectra PACS, integrated with its Electronic Patient Record. Highland Marketing created this video to highlight the impact of the solution and how it is supporting the trust’s strategy for digital enterprise imaging.

UK-CRIS dementia platform/Medical Research Council introduction

The story of UK-CRIS and it’s involvement in the global search to help towards understanding and finding a cure for dementia.

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Clinical Portal

Clinicians and senior management at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust describe their experience of deploying a clinical portal in order to provide high quality, more efficient, integrates care for their patients.

Gray’s Anatomy, 41st Edition

On Friday 23rd October Elsevier celebrated the publication of the 41st edition of Gray’s Anatomy, among displays of former editions, in the library at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London.

InterSystems JUHC 2018

Highland Marketing supported the promotion, awareness and on the day video and event write-up support.

Yossi Cohen interview

Yossi Cohen talks about patient engagement at JUHC 2018.

Phil Graham interview

Phil Graham talks about NHS supplier relationships at JUHC 2018.

Graham Evans interview

Graham Evans talks about tips for implementing an EPR at JUHC 2018.

Intersystems Tech Summit 2017

Highland Marketing supported the promotion, awareness and on the day video and event write-up support.

Intersystems Tech Summit 2016

Highland Marketing supported the promotion, awareness and on the day video and event write-up support.

CLB Acoustic Monitoring

CLB specialises in the development, production, installation and service of innovative integrated communication and alert systems to hospitals and care homes.

Raising awareness of Lorenzo benefits amongst NHS trusts

Highland Marketing produced, planned and executed a video which incorporated the view of a wide variety of healthcare professionals who are using the electronic patient record system, Lorenzo, provided by CSC.

InterSystems UK TrakCare Lab Enterprise road show launch

Highland Marketing produced, filmed and post-produced the UK road show launch of the new TrakCare Lab Enterprise solution from InterSystems.

Allscripts EPR Awareness Day highlights

Highland Marketing produced, filmed and post-produced video from the Allscripts EPR Awareness Day at Manchester United Football Club.

Allscripts EPR Awareness Day vox-pop interviews

Highland Marketing produced, filmed and post-produced video from the Allscripts EPR Awareness Day at Manchester United Football Club.

Highland Marketing highlights how Elsevier Clinical Skills meets the challenge post-Francis Report

Highland Marketing worked closely with an NHS end user who advocated Elsevier’s Clinical Skills’ solution to produce a topical, short video on how online training tools can improve patient safety and care following the publication of the Francis report.

Homerton Hospital explains benefits of Elsevier Clinical Skills

Elsevier selected Highland Marketing to storyboard and produce a video that captured the benefits of using the company’s Clinical Skills training solution as part of its endorsement programme.

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