Highland Marketing helps Connexica and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to create a video leading to awards success


Business analytics company Connexica knew it had created a great platform for the healthcare industry, and that was proved when it was used to build a solution to meet the needs of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. When the trust decided to enter a prestigious award, the company turned to Highland Marketing for ideas to showcase the benefits of its technology.

Connexica is on a mission to make access to data easier and quicker, to help clients really understand what they have, so that they can make the right decisions at any time. Managing director, Gary Luke, says: “We take data from a myriad of systems, join it together, sort out the quality, and deliver business insights back to management, operational and clinical staff, to help them improve the efficiency and performance of their organisation.”

Better visibility of data

It is this philosophy that has enabled Connexica to forge successful relationships with several healthcare organisations. One of these is Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The trust took Connexica’s CXAIR platform and used it to build a solution to meet the needs of its procurement team, before embarking on an ambitious project to reduce waste and make the best use of medical supplies.

Jordan Hope, information and ecommerce manager at the trust, explains: “Leeds Teaching Hospitals is a data rich organisation, so what we needed was a solution that would provide visibility of our data and make it accessible to staff, regardless of their analytical background.

“We worked with Connexica and its CXAIR product to create a platform that we call the Assisted Intelligence Management Suite or AIMS. It is accessible via the internet and gives real-time data to anyone in the trust who needs it; and that is enabling us to ask the most profound questions – are we running the hospital in the right way, and how do we improve?”

Chris Slater, associate director, commercial and procurement at the trust, adds: “An organisation like Leeds Teaching Hospitals has thousands of stock-keeping units. We need to know the information about them on an hourly basis, because patients are coming in all the time.”

The benefits of scale

Leeds has saved around £2 million in organising its inventory more effectively, of which Connexica’s technology is looking to enhance; and the trust believes that being able to automate clinical recalls will save it £80,000 per year.

Leeds is also part of the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT), which comprises six hospital trusts, so there is great scope for leveraging efficiencies across the whole region.

The solution tailored to Leeds’ requirements is a product that Connexica calls CXAIMS, which it is now offering to other NHS organisations.

Alex Hurley, solutions director at Connexica, says: “CXAIMS has the potential to be used in all areas that interact with stock items and inventory, such as for pharmacy and finance teams. If hospital teams look at how they can use the solution as an intelligence layer across all those trusts, to provide visibility of their systems, then they can start to procure on a regional basis to get the benefits of scale and price-matching.”

Rising to the challenge of creating a video during a pandemic

Once the trust saw the efficiency and cost benefits of using Connexica’s technology, the team decided to enter the prestigious Health Care Supply Association (HCSA) Awards. Leeds and Connexica enlisted the help of Highland Marketing to create a video for submission to the awards, along with additional visual assets and a written case study.

Highland Marketing worked with both organisations to identify who would be most suitable to film and explain the collaboration and benefits of the technology. We drafted topic areas and questions to be asked on camera, and briefed the clients on visual suggestions. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, filming had to take place in only one room of a hospital, and there was limited opportunity to shoot B-roll footage for cut-away shots.

Our videography team ensured that social distancing measures were in place, to enable interviewees to speak without having to wear a mask. Two areas of the room were dressed to look like both an office in which the Connexica technology was used, and a clinical environment to highlight overall hospital setting. Filming was done on two cameras simultaneously, with a close-up and wide shot, to create options for editing; and additional stock clips were purchased to provide footage that wasn’t able to be filmed in situ.

Showcasing award-winning capabilities

A two-minute version of the video was supplied to Leeds, along with stills graphics, which helped them win the Procurement Technology category in the HCSA Awards.

“Working with the team at Highland-Marketing was an absolute pleasure,” says Jordan Hope. “The team were receptive to my specific requirements, proactive in their responses and worked around my very challenging calendar in 2020. With Highland Marketing’s support, we were able to produce an award-winning submission to the HCSA; I cannot speak highly enough of the team’s professionalism and final product.”

The scope of the project also enabled Highland Marketing to provide Connexica with a three-minute version of the video, along with a written case study, both of which the technology company is using for promotional activities.

“Highland Marketing did a professional job under difficult circumstances,” says Hurley. “You exceeded our expectations and what we ended up with was a great piece of collateral for the awards but also in having another version for our marketing purposes.

“The benefits of using Highland was that you have expertise in healthtech and understand the messages that wanted to get across, so we had confidence that you could deliver, and that was born out in the reality.”

Mark Venables, CEO of Highland Marketing, says: “Following our initial discussions with Connexica and Leeds Teaching Hospitals, we realised that filming in a healthcare setting during a pandemic was going to be a real challenge.

“We had to think creatively of different options to get round the difficulties, and in the end, we produced some great content with two versions of a video, for both an awards-compliant entry and a marketing tool, a written case study, and some graphics. I think we succeeded in giving our clients what they wanted, despite the coronavirus restrictions.”

Key points

  • Connexica is a data solutions and business insights company, working across the healthcare, finance and retail sectors.
  • The company worked with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to create a solution to make the trust’s procurement processes more efficient; the resulting CXAIMS solution is offered to NHS and healthcare organisations to assist with challenges including budgetary pressures, regulatory compliance, systems change and operational control.
  • Leeds wanted to enter the Health Care Supply Association’s awards, so the trust and Connexica enlisted the help of Highland Marketing to create a video and stills graphics for submission as part of the entry.

Services and value

  • Highland Marketing worked with Connexica and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to produce two videos: one for Leeds to enter in the HCSA Awards; and one for Connexica, to use for marketing purposes.
  • We used our extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector and film-making expertise to identity the most appropriate speakers to communicate the key messages. We produced an interview structure and script storyboard; we used creative methods to film during the Covid-19 pandemic, by dressing one room to appear as both a clinical and office setting; and during the edit, we cut between different shot sizes, B-roll footage and additionally purchased imagery, to create different versions of the video that would suit both Leeds’ and Connexica’s needs.
  • Highland Marketing also wrote a case study for Connexica, based on material gained during filming; Connexica has uploaded this to its website, to be used as marketing collateral in conjunction with the video.

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